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Program location:

  • Sydney (in-person)

  • Other cities (delivered online)


Launch your Tech Startup with the 6-months JUMPSTART program

JUMPSTART is a structured program is developed by successful startup Founders, Mentors and Investors to rapidly answer the three key components of a successful product:

  1. Design - Will Users like this?

  2. Technology - How do we build this?

  3. Commercialisation - How do we monetise this?

This is a guided program developed for individuals that have an innovative idea and wants to take the first step.

Every JUMPSTART participant will work 1:1 with a team of Investors, Tech professionals, successful Founders, User Experience specialists, Legal and Tax specialists and more to explore their unique idea rapidly and in-depth.




In a truly disruptive spirit, the 4-week program, 

JUMPSTART: Rapid Innovation provides hands-on learning with practical takeaways that can be invaluable for your journey. 

Monetise your business
Put together a winning monetisation model that’ll blow customers and investors away.
Create a proof of concept
Impress potential investors, users and partners with the clickable experience of your product.
Build the perfect pitch
Receive feedback directly from investors as you work on your investor deck and proposals.
A world-class design
Work with specialist Product & User Experience Designers to take your product to the next level.
Test your solution
Fail fast and evolve quickly, we’ll get your idea out there and gather feedback as soon as possible.
Get your first customers
There’s nothing like getting real customers’ interests. You'll get there with our guidance.

(Spots are limited)


Meet some of your advisors

Thierry Manor

Commercialisation Expert, Founder & Director, prev General Manager at Sun Microsystems

Marie Kellett

Commercialisation Specialist, prev Chief Product Officer at EFTPOS Australia

Edgar Hung

Investor, Founder & Director of AusFunds Fund Management Group

Julian Toohey

Strategic Advisor & Investor, Software Sales Director roles in Asia-Pacific and EMEA

Maggie Hu

Organisor, Founder, Investor, Customer Experience & Tech Specialist

David Kenney

Senior Partner of Hall Chadwick, leading advisor to businesses/start-ups/scale-ups in Australia.

Rob Hill

Head of Infrastructure & Operations at Nine, previously CIO at Rubik Financials

Jenny Levy

Optus Advisory Board Member, prev CIO & CDIO at Primary Health Care

Amy Zhang

Googler: Strategic Media & Digital Marketing Specialist, Senior Consultant at Google

Peter Mayne

R&D specialist,

Investor & Founder, 

iAward Judge at AIIA

Scott Dare

Marketing, communications and customer experience. ME Bank Customer Advocate and Head of Purpose.

Rob Wells

Passionate leader in Strategic, Financial, Business and Business Development

Other Program Benefits


Pitch Night Event 

During the program, you'll work on your Pitch deck directly with successful Startup Founders & a team of specialists. Most importantly, you'll get private feed back directly from one or more Investors.

At the end of the program, you'll also get a chance to pitch in front of a panel of Investors and Judges in our JUMPSTART Pitch Night.


Mentor Pairing 

Through this program, you'll get to meet a vast network of high calibre Mentors, Advisors and Investors. 

Based on your idea, you'll be paired with one of more Mentors that will be with you during the 6 months journey.

The Mentors and Investors trust the structure of our program and the quality of Founders that engage with our program. 


Alumni Community

All of our Founders will join the alumni community and continue to receive support after the program. 

We will ensure our participants' success along their journey with our post program support.


You'll get access to your Program Manager, a team of developers, UX specialists, commercialisation experts as well as our Mentor and Investor network. 

JUMPSTART Pitch Night Event

Our JUMPSTART events create a tremendous amount of exposure for our participants. We host regular pitch nights that are open to the public as well as invite-only events.


Register your interest

This is a 4-week program with a mixture of hands-on and assisted deliverables to help you understand:

  1. How does my product work?

  2. Will my customers like it? 

  3. And how to monetise my idea? 


During the program, you'll work 1:1 with a team of successful technology Founders, Investors and various industry Specialists to help you create a holistic start for your idea that's relevant to the marketplace.


The program will equip you with practical knowledge and guidelines to further develop your idea.

Places are limited, register your interest now and our team will contact you.



Who is this program for?

Founders and Entrepreneurs who's looking for a 1:1 approach.

You might need help around one, two or all three areas of Design, Technology or Commercialisation. 

Throughout the program, you'll see your idea come to life and understand how was put together. 

Is the program full time? 

Nope. Besides the initial 2 day workshop, it's structured so it fits with your work/life schedule. 

All you need is a minimum of 6 hours / week for the first month to contribute and review the deliverables of the program. 

During the 4 weeks, a team of Tech, UX and Product specialists will deep dive into your idea. Which means that you can still work full-time whilst participating in our program. 

IP Protection


Our Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) was expertly written to keep your idea safe. 

For your confidence, simply download and return a signed copy to us before we chat.

Click here to download the NDA.

An Entrepreneur program by the Lumi IT Group

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